Welcome to Tara Birch (uh that's me) and my world (cliche, I know)

    Hey, isn't this great!  I have a blog or website or whatever and I can now post my poetry (ooops, probably should have eased you into that one), my short stories (ooops again!) and maybe excerpts from novels I'm writing or may write or ...

    Anyhoo, for those who would like to read my work please feel welcome to come by anytime.  Just remember you have to BYOC (that's "bring your own chair") as unfortunately I am not able to provide all the amenities that places like bookstores provide, such as a "Cafe" where you can buy overpriced food and beverages and sit at little tables and all that.  However, you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to visit my place so I do have that going for me.

    Oh my RSS feed is up in the corner somewhere on this page and on my blog page, (which you can access by clicking on the big tab labeled "Tara Birch, a so-called writer" directly above this text box) if you want to follow me, or get notices of when I post stuff or whatever it is that an RSS feed does.

    OH SNAP!  Here is that pesky little RSS link:  tarabirch.webnode.com/rss/all.xml


    Oh, and isnlt that a great beach!